A New American Saint?

Could we have a new American-born Orthodox saint?  Over the weekend, the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) gathered to move the interred body of Vladyka (Archbishop) Dmitri  from Restland Cemetery to the Saint Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas.  

Vladyka Dmitri fell asleep in the Lord in August 2011, and was buried naturally, without embalming, as is according to Orthodox burial tradition.

During the process of moving the body they noticed something quite amazing!

According to Rod Dreher, an Orthodox Christian and a senior editor at The American Conservative“On Friday his body was disinterred for transferal to his new tomb in St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, which was his own. When the cemetery personnel opened his coffin, they found Vladyka Dmitri incorrupt.”

Yes!  After 4.5 years in the grave, the body did not decompose.

Granted this is not the only thing the Church considers when canonizing a saint, but it does move someone along the process.

We are looking forward to posting more regarding this modern day miracle.

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